It’s only Monday. And Tessa Thompson has already given me the Outfit of the Week only I didn’t want to hold these photos until Friday because the look is just too good to wait that long. So unless someone comes through with something that gets me as excited as Tessa (not likely but not impossible), I’m calling it early - she’s the OOTW. 

Here she is in Lanvin promoting MIB International in London with Chris Hemsworth. It’s a dress designed to look like you’ve wrapped a sweater around your waist, because, yeah, sometimes an outfit is improved when you wrap your jacket or your sweater around your waist. And what I love about this is that they’re not pretending it’s not what it is. The wrapped part is not pretending to be a belt. It is exactly what it looks like: sleeves at the waist tied together. And finally a good use of this material - the shiny sweater material most often seen during the holidays. The glitter is less obvious in grey. And the tackiness of it is toned down by the structure of the dress. The result: elevated slouchiness. SO good. And probably SO comfortable. 

Am also obsessed with her hair. We’ve seen the double buns a lot. These are asymmetric buns for a side part. Perfect choice to go with the look. 

Wayne Bannerman and Micah McDonald, her stylists, killed it for Tessa at the Met Gala last month. Excellent start to their work on this press tour.