We have seen a LOT of great looks over the last two weeks. And 80% of them from Jodie Turner-Smith. Everyone has been bringing it in Venice and now TIFF and the Emmys are on Monday and I hope this fashion excellence continues (let’s properly hydrate and do our stretches in preparation for whatever Zendaya will be serving) but I’m wondering… holy sh-t, what’s left out there?  


On that note, here’s Vanessa Kirby in Valentino, classic Valentino red. The reason it’s my look of the week is because she’s at the festival for The Son, and there are several official engagements when you’re presenting a film, so you have to consider your wardrobe selections and match them to the moment – and she decided that her bra top, pencil skirt, and jacket would be for the… photo call.  

I mean, sure, this is more photocall than the sequined slip dress she ended up wearing for the premiere, but I wouldn’t say this is standard photo call attire, LOL, which is why I love it so much. The attitude of it. The boldness of it. She looks incredible. I loooooove the giant roses that form the bust and sit at her waist and pelvis, almost as though it’s a rose pouch, in which she can tuck away the things she might need for touch-ups.  


So, no, not the most orthodox choice obviously, but the best choice is the one you feel yourself in. And she is definitely feeling herself here. She saw this look at her fitting and she did not want to let it go. She needed to showcase it somewhere, anywhere. I would too if I had the option and could wear the sh-t out of it.