For the second week in a row, there are two outfits of the week that share a similar style vibe and I can’t choose between them. But before we get into it, let’s do a throwback. One of my favourite dresses of the last ten years is from the Emmys in 2018. Taraji P Henson was my pick for Emmys Best Dressed that year in this Giambattista Valli that I have never been able to forget. 


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I have tried to find this dress, I have tried to find its imitators, whenever I’ve an opportunity to dress up, I’m always hoping to source either a discounted original or a knock-off. It’s perfect. So perfect. As is its descendant, worn earlier this week by Ella Balinska at the BAFTAs. 


Unmistakable relatives, right? A different fabric, a different print, but the cut is there. And why not? They should make this dress every year, in as many different variations of material as possible because this design, with the flirty short skirt and the long caping will never be tired. Look at it! It’s divine!


But then, at the same event, Lulu Wang. Not totally the same, but you can see where it’s sort of familiar, right?


It’s the colours, yes. And it’s playing with different layers like Ella’s Giambattista. And I really, really do love the bottom layer for Lulu – the pants that are the perfect length and width. I might even say that Lulu’s is more of an original since, as established Ella’s dress has an ancestor. 

Still both looks are exquisite and unforgettable. I’ll remember them all year, and maybe longer, just like I’ve remembered Taraji’s.