This is the third Jodie Turner-Smith fashion post of the week. Because no one else has been serving looks like she has at the Venice Film Festival. We started with her arrivals outfit. We followed up with a pink glam-punk look the next day and a blue fringe dress that any other week would have been the outfits of the week, but then she had to go and top herself. 


Here’s Jodie at the opening night gala for White Noise on Wednesday night. This is custom Gucci:

Jodie Turner-Smith is seen arriving at the Excelsior pier during the 79th Venice International Film Festival on August 31, 2022 in Venice, Italy

The red strip at the bottom is velvet and together, the black, red, and green represent the “pan-African flag”, as Jodie told Vogue. It has long been her dream to be in a film that premieres in Venice. And when that happened, she wanted her festival wardrobe to reflect the realisation of that dream. 


And Wayman + Micah certainly helped. They followed up her opening night look with this red sheer set. 

Obviously she’s wearing the sh-t out of that fit but it’s the accessories that put it over the top, right? The bright green earrings and the shoes? It feels retro, like a throwback to the 70s on the Lido, and also very much of the now. 

And them, last night, back on the red carpet… another f-cking showstopper, OMG: 


This is Christopher John Rogers and it is a LOT of dress. The drama of it is outrageous, with how much space it takes up as it fans outwards and around her. But also all that colour splashed and slashed across the body and still, none of it overwhelms her, not for an inch or a second. The dress never wears her – she is in total control of it. So in control that she makes it pop even though it could have blended in to the red of the red carpet. 

The Emmys are next week. I’m wondering now if there’s a look that night that can possibly come close to this one. 


And by the way, Wayman + Micah also work with Tessa Thompson who’s basically been the fashion champion of summer 2022. That streak continues to Venice. Because this is sickeningly good, too.