Here’s one we might be fighting about – Katy Perry went out for dinner in Aspen the other night with Orlando Bloom and was in an outfit I call frontier fashion. I know f-ck all about frontier life apart from the analog learning pictures we had in elementary in middle school so you are welcome to yell at my ignorance but when I picture frontier anything, this is the kind of thing I imagine on a woman: a bib-style dress with cowboy boots and on Katy, I’m kinda into it. Also, though I’ve never been to Aspen, I feel like it might work there?  


And I think there are good styling choices happening here which is why it doesn’t read like a costume. Like layering the dress over a white shirt – never a bad idea. The accessories are good too, they work with the outfit but there’s also a modern touch, especially with the cuff on her wrist. And when you break apart all the pieces here, there are so many other options.  

Take the dress, for example, which is the main event of this outfit. You wear it with nothing underneath but a cropped denim jacket over top, with sneakers, and it’s cute and casual.  

The other look I’m highlighting here is on Rachel Brosnahan. The clothing is fine, this is not my focus, although in the coverage I’ve seen of it so far, the attention is on how open it is from chest to midriff. For me, though, it’s her bangs. It’s been a minute so I wasn’t sure if they were new but I just checked her IG and evidently they are:  

And it’s a big difference. She was unrecognisable to me at first when I saw these pap shots of her for her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! – I had no idea who she was until I read the caption, I thought maybe Zooey Deschanel. Bangs are my obsession right now because I have never wanted them so badly so I’m into it. You?