Camila Mendes’s Upgraded, co-starring Marisa Tomei, is now available to stream on Prime. I saw it a few days ago because I covered the junket for ETALK, since I consider myself a rom-com expert, and it’s fun, it hits all the beats that you want out of a light rom-com: our girl is down on her luck but she’s got the goods, she’s waiting for the right opportunity, there’s a meet cute, a demon boss, a fairy godmother, a dress moment, sudden rain (rain is an essential rom-com weather device), and, yes, a dog. What’s not to like? 


Marisa Tomei is having a blast in the role, it’s so much fun seeing her playing over-the-top, in a different way from Mona Lisa Vito, clearly delighting the opportunity to go full bitch mode. And her wardrobe in the movie, OMG, she is wearing the sh-t out of these clothes. Just like she is on the press tour. This black dress with the standalone collar at the premiere the other night is excellent. 

Marisa Tomei at Prime Video's "Upgraded" New York Special Screening held at IPIC Theaters on February 7, 2024 in New York, New York

And this red lace suit that she wore at a fashion week event last night is perfect on her, no notes. 

Marissa Tomei attends the Bronx & Banco fashion show during New York Fashion Week: The Shows at ZZ's Club on February 08, 2024 in New York City

It’s important to have an effective supporting cast in a rom-com, but none of that matters if the lead isn’t hitting. That isn’t a problem for Camila Mendes – she’s winsome and spunky and sexy and smart but does dumb sh-t because every rom-com heroine trips on her own feet, and she, too, was serving looks this week while promoting the movie. 


This black halter jumpsuit for the premiere is a showstopper: 

Camila Mendes at Prime Video's "Upgraded" New York Special Screening held at IPIC Theaters on February 7, 2024 in New York, New York

But there are more fits – like this brown set with the red tights and shoes? Excellent styling: 


I always love a kilt moment and this grey skirt with the black unbuttoned shirt is simple but definitely not boring. 

My favourite, though, is what I’m about to show you next. A belted blazer over a white shirt over long shorts and high boots… it’s a slay! 

First class work from her stylist Molly Dickson – applause, applause, applause. 


That wasn’t the only black suit that was magic this week though. Kelly Rowland at the One Love premiere earlier this week in a Grayscale blazer with a red heart across the chest to go with the film and upcoming Valentine’s Day is a mic drop.