Earlier this week PEOPLE reported that Timothée Chalamet and Kylie Jenner are still seeing each other but that “it’s not serious”. 

"Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet continue to enjoy each other's company sans labels.


"A source close to the 25-year-old The Kardashians star tells PEOPLE that she and Chalamet, 27, are still spending time together when they are both in her native Los Angeles.

“'Kylie enjoys dating, but her main focus is being a mom,' the insider says, clarifying that their relationship is "not serious.”

Kylie was seen in Paris (she was at Beyoncé’s concert with Kris Jenner) just before PEOPLE published that post, so I wonder if it was a make-a-story in reaction to her being there without him…and conveniently the first ever photos of them together were released last night, you can see them at Page Six

It's Kylie at Timmy’s place in LA, along with Kendall and his sister Pauline. They’re low quality shots but they do the job. The job being “oh so we’re not serious”? Let me show you what “not serious” looks like, because we’re now bringing family members into the situation. 


Interesting though that Page Six doesn’t specify when these shots were taken. All they share is that Timmy and Kylie were “mingling with each other’s relatives at a barbecue earlier this month”. This story was posted yesterday, June 1. There is no earlier. So it had to be some time in May and now I’m wondering if they were holding these for release after Kylie’s return from Paris because, like, if they were taken this week, say for example two days ago, why wouldn’t they have made that clear? They held on to these though for a more opportune time or perhaps the go-ahead from someone behind the scenes? 

Apparently the paps did share with Page Six that they’ve observed Kylie spending “upwards of six days a week” at Timmy’s so if they first started dealing with each other in January after hanging out during fashion week, then we’re going on almost six months here. Timmy is supposed to start shooting that Bob Dylan biopic at some point this summer. Will their situationship make it through production?