Yesterday Maria posted about Pamela Anderson’s latest marriage – and how it *seemed* on the surface: very happy, almost idyllic. Well. That was fast. Her husband, Dan, was apparently in a relationship, living with a woman called Carey, and their children, when he met Pam and then just stopped coming home. This is Carey’s side of the story, obviously, but I’ve heard from a few people now who live nearby and it all lines up with the talk of the town. Dan is a tradesperson, according to the locals, and not a bodyguard, and the town gossip is that it went down the way Carey says it did.  (Dlisted) 


This was my first laugh of the day. Did you see what Brian Williams did on his show last night? LOLOLOLOLOLOL. You know why this is so good? Because it meets Kara Brown’s definition of Shade (at least I think so), as illuminated in her Shade Court series from a few years ago. Shade is never a slamdunk. And always builds in plausible deniability – which is what Brian does when he comes back on camera after the “wrong clip” runs. It was not the wrong clip, it was not an accident. I work in television. Nobody leaves the wrong clip running for that long and exits out of it so precisely. So 100% it was intentional but of course the way they dropped it in there leaves it open to interpretation and sets up his “denial”, which he embellishes by “threatening” that someone will be in big trouble. (Pajiba) 

Wow. It’s been a year since Charlize Theron wore this amazing outfit and this amazing headpiece – Louis Vuitton – and I’ll say now what I probably said then which is that I get more excited when she’s in pieces by other designers than when she’s in Dior, which is the brand she reps. God this is suuuuuuch a spectacular look. Everything about it works for me, including the black bands which the Fug Girls aren’t feeling but I think that’s what makes everything else pop. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Yes, everyone, it’s time to double-mask. I’ve given up on the cute ones now. It’s either the blue medical, three-level ones or a KN95 with a blue one over top of it, on the one day a week I go anywhere (the butcher) because my ma, who has been on top of this sh-t from go, has been screaming about double-masking since the summer. Anyway, you know who else double-masks? Amanda Gorman. (Cele|bitchy) 

I f-cking love soup. I learned how to make a corn chowder last year – like the kind that involves blending half of it just before serving – and it’s one of my favourite meals. So I know soup. Which is why I got perfect on this soup quiz. It’s not hard, but it’s fun if you love soup. (Buzzfeed)