Chris Pine! Twice in one week! Feels like a good omen to roll into the weekend with. Here’s Chris Pine at an event for Prada in Los Angeles yesterday. Also present: Zachary Quinto, his co-star in the Star Trek franchise, which just got a kick in the pants this week. Paramount info-dumped a bunch of new projects online earlier this week, including a fourth Trek movie bringing back Pine, Quinto, Simon Pegg, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, and John Cho (RIP Anton Yelchin). JJ Abrams made the announcement, including that they’re planning to begin production by the end of the year. I have generally liked the Pine-led Trek films, but Star Trek Beyond—the best of the lot—lost Paramount money. Still, Pine and the rest of the cast remain popular, so here we are with a fourth film. And no, it’s not the Quentin Tarantino one.


Since it’s Friday funday, let’s check in with the Best Chris poll. Chris Pine is making a good case this week with his long hair and silver fox beard, not to mention those leather pants. He’s also proven that playing second fiddle can be a solid growth move, as he prepares to make his directorial debut with Patty Jenkins’s support. And he is apparently so popular Paramount is willing to roll the dice on another Star Trek movie, even after losing money on the last one.

The last time we saw Chris Evans, he was in the Netflix 2022 sizzle reel sporting a mustache that’s like the deadbeat dad equivalent of mustaches. It’s not attractive.

Chris Hemsworth is in that same sizzle reel, speaking Australian, which is an automatic +10 bump. He also has Thor: Love and Thunder coming out later this year, and Marvel never hurts anyone’s ranking.

Chris Pratt is still Chris Pratt.

So who’s your Best Chris this week?

Also attached - Chris Pine heading to a meeting earlier in the day in LA.