I have not slept in a long time. Maybe it’s fatigue but when this photo popped up on my screen, it was like his dick hole was staring right at me. What must it have felt like for the person taking the picture? Is that how the photo ended up this way? With the snake eye so prominently displayed? Because the photographer was focused in on the area? Sorry I’m being such a perv but I feel like that’s the point. I just checked him out on Instagram. See? It worked. I’d never heard of him before and now I’m… much more interested. (Dlisted) 

Rihanna wore Stella McCartney not too long ago. It was in 2014. It was white, I remember. I think two-piece. You remember it now, right? It was amazing, you can check if you want to but there’s no verification necessary. Other than Rihanna though, is there a Stella McCartney look from the Met Gala that stands out to you? I can tell you *who* regularly wears Stella at the Met Gala. But I can’t tell you what it was like. This year, once again, it’s forgettable. And it’s not like she didn’t have good celebrity models. It was Miley Cyrus and Paris Jackson! (Cele|bitchy) 

RDJ has played Tony Stark, Iron Man at least… 8 times now? He’s played Sherlock Holmes twice. So it’s time to catch up. RDJ Sherlock 3 is moving forward. Is Guy Ritchie back? Probably. RDJ is loyal like that. What he should also do, though, as a loyal friend, is tell Guy about himself. That he needs to update his style. It hasn’t worked the last few times out. (Pop Sugar) 

Jagged Little Pill, the musical. Written by Diablo Cody. Why don’t I have tickets already? Why don’t you have tickets already? When are we going, Duana? Who else is in? (Pajiba) 

Madonna performed last night at the Met Gala. And she had a fan girl, hype girl. Guess who it was? It was the same person who claimed Meryl Streep was her mother at the Oscars. I kinda… didn’t love Meryl’s reaction to Tiffany Haddish at the Oscars. Madonna, probably, was more receptive. (TMZ) 

If you watch Atlanta, you know Hiro Murai. If you watch Barry, you know Hiro Murai. If you watched Donald Glover’s This Is America, you know Hiro Murai. When is Hiro Murai going to make a movie? (The Ringer)