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Duana and I podcasted Show Your Work early this week, on Wednesday night. The episode will be posted as usual on Monday. Of course we spent some time talking about what Frances McDormand referred to during her Oscar acceptance speech: the Inclusion Rider. And at the end of the discussion, I wondered whether or not there would be an Inclusion Rider equivalent to the Bechdel Test. Well that didn’t take long. Yesterday the Kent Test was introduced. 

The Kent Test applies to “a film or any other piece of media” – does a talk show count as a “piece of media”? For the last 5 seasons, I’ve been one of the cohosts of a talk show in Canada called The Social. I’m proud to say that we pass the Kent Test, if indeed it can be applied to us. 

Today on The Social, we mark our 1000th episode. It’s a major achievement, in any country, and we are celebrating live at 1pm on CTV. We will also be broadcasting live on Facebook with a 360 degree camera that will be shooting our entire studio even during commercial breaks, giving viewers who aren’t there in person a virtual experience of being part of the show. 

Yesterday, on International Women’s Day, the women who work on The Social gathered on the set for a photo to show our work. (Kathleen would have been there but she was on her way back from LA.)


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These are the women I collaborate with every day when I’m not here blogging on this site. Speaking of the site, we are now 15 years old. Recently we all got together in Toronto, for the first time as a full team, to celebrate our 15th anniversary. Gossips Assemble!

We too pass the Kent Test. But we can do better. Thank you for visiting us through the years as we have worked to do better. We hope that you continue to stay with us as we try to do even better. We have to do better. Per Kathleen:

Have a great weekend!

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