An excellent way to start the day – Girl Sh-t!

Patti LuPone was on Watch What Happens Live this week. And Andy Cohen teed up a phone call from an audience member asking Patti about Madonna. First, a note here to those unfamiliar with Patti LuPone – she’s a f-cking standard, her qualifications are unimpeachable. With that in mind, let’s proceed – video below:

“Movie killer!!!!” I mean, it’s not like Patti isn’t precise. There’s no doubt about how she feels. Still, I don’t blame you if you want to watch that back again. Go for it.

If you are on Team Madge and you feel like stretching today, I suppose you could point to Patti’s story about Madonna’s dick swinging when they met, turning the occasion into a tall-off as if were an ability and shortness was some kind of work deficiency. I can totally imagine Madonna doing that too, throwing out an irreverent comment in the presence of an established legend. Irreverence was always Madonna’s style. When she was younger, she was a smartass about people who came before her. Now that she’s older, she’s a smartass about those who’ve come after. The thing about Madonna though is that sometimes, she acts like she’s the only one who’s allowed to be a smartass.

Andy Cohen is such a f-cking sh-t disturber though, isn’t it? He LIVES for bringing divas on his show to talk sh-t about other divas. Mimi and JLO. Naomi Campbell and Rihanna. Now Patti LuPone and Madonna. It’s the Real Housewives approach as applied to real celebrities.