I wrote yesterday that it’s the Summer of Keanu Reeves as he continues to dominate all quadrants with John Wick 3, Always Be My Maybe, E3, and the upcoming Toy Story 4, in which he plays Duke Caboom, “Canada’s #1 stuntman”, no matter how hard Drake tries (I know, I hate myself more than you hate me, I promise). So get the Keanu while you can. There’s been a lot of him lately – and nobody f-cking minds. NOBODY. Not even Duana. Thank you, by the way, for answering my call yesterday and bombing her with Keanu requests for Show Your Work. I don’t think she can say no now, which means we will very likely be ending our season with a deep-dive on Keanu and his career. 

Here’s Keanu last night at the premiere of Nicolas Winding Refn’s Amazon series Too Old To Die Young, starring Miles Teller. Keanu and Nicholas worked on The Neon Demon together a few years ago so he’s there to support a friend, a very Keanu thing to do. 

In other Keanu news, this has been making the rounds:


Many pointed out that it’s not that he’s not taking chances, it’s that he’s being respectful of personal space. Keanu is not Robin Thicke. Keanu is not a creeper. Whatever the reason, it’s only adding to his legend, a legend that’s been growing exponentially the last few weeks. 

He’s the man of few words, the one who shows up randomly in random places and leaves after a moment of kindness. The Movie Star who’s flexing – but not flaunting – all kinds of hidden versatility. The enigma who might not be as sad as he used to be which probably has something to do with the universal affection we have for him: Sad Keanu was an online construct based on one photo, but it’s amazing how it’s taken hold. And now, even though it’s none of our f-cking business, it’s like we’re all invested in his happiness.

Anyway, you know how lately people have been sharing their favourite Keanu Reeves stories? The one that doesn’t get enough play is Octavia Spencer’s. She told this to Meredith Vieira on her show a few years back. It was when Octavia first got to LA, she was stranded on the side of the road and no one would help her. Until Keanu pulled up on his motorcycle. Octavia goes to every one of Keanu’s movies on opening weekend because of how sweet he was to her that day. I think we need to petition for an Octavia and Keanu reunion.