The Sun in the UK reported that Emma Stone has a shoulder injury that was sustained when she was at a Spice Girls concert recently. They said she was having such a great time, she climbed on the shoulders of a friend and ended up hitting the deck, realising only a few days later that she’d broken her shoulder, adding that recovery will take two months, which will delay production on the Cruella movie – she’s to play Cruella de Vil. Emma’s obsessed with the Spice Girls. She’s talked often about how much she loves them in interviews through the years. In case you missed it, her she is with Baby Spice Emma Bunton: 


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So did it really go down that way? In response to the Sun’s story, PEOPLE has followed up with a clarification, citing sources who say that Emma hurt her shoulder after slipping and falling at home. Probably her publicist then. PEOPLE’s source also denies that the injury has affected Emma’s work schedule as they’re currently in pre-production on Cruella and she’ll be healed in time to start filming. 

Is this a case of the Sun getting it wrong as usual? They’ve been off the mark on their royal reporting and they were the ones that reported that Brad Pitt and Charlize Theron were dating, which turned out to be a bust. But Cruella is shooting in London and it’s possible that they have connections to insiders on that project. If I had to guess, the detail that Emma and her people are objecting to in the Sun’s story isn’t the Spice Girls part, it’s the production delay. That speaks to reputation – like, Emma was having so much fun, too much fun, that it’s now how an impact on the job, which… and this is the key here… is costing money. Production delays cost money. 

The message here, through PEOPLE, is that she is not costing anyone money. Otherwise, I don’t know that they would have bothered correcting it. 

In other, less controversial Emma news – earlier this week she hosted her 2nd annual Em & Friends Drag Queen Bingo charity event in LA. Her friend Brie Larson was there too. Why don’t I play more bingo? I’ve only ever been twice and both times were amazing. Look at this Emma Stone Drag Queen bingo party! Is there one like this in Toronto?