Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson arrived separately to the premiere of The Dirt last night. The Dirt is Netflix’s Motley Crue biopic that begins streaming on Friday. I can’t say I’ve ever been a Motley Crue fan. But going by the trailer (below), I don’t think I’ll mind watching big hair, eyeliner, and pyro for a couple of hours this week. It looks ridiculous and stupid and probably funny in the most forgettable way. 

Anyway, Pete has a small part in the movie and his good friend Machine Gun Kelly plays Tommy Lee so he walked the carpet and Kate joined him inside, overdressed as usual. I mean if it’s one premiere you can show up to in jeans and a leather jacket, it would be the premiere for the Motley Crue movie. But this is not Kate. As we’ve seen over the years, a cocktail dress is her version of casual – and she’s so committed to this, I think I might love it now. 

Kate and Pete left together after the premiere to head to the after-party. They were seen kissing in the car on the way there. I mean it’s not like they didn’t know that there were fans and photographers surrounding them. Just like they would have known that when they kissed at the hockey game that wouldn’t go unnoticed either. This feels very appropriately 80s glam metal band. You remember how back in the day you’d always see rock stars and their girlfriends sitting on each other’s laps with their tongues in each other’s mouths? That was the 80s: all hair and tongues. Tommy Lee’s tongue was often OUTSIDE OF HIS MOUTH flicking someone else’s tongue (Heather Locklear, Pamela Anderson) that was also OUTSIDE OF HER MOUTH. It’s one thing to be tonguing each other on the inside. It’s a whole other thing to be tonguing each other when the tongues are exposed. Kate and Pete are almost there.