Alexander Wang’s Ready-to-Wear Spring 2020 Collection debuted on the runway Friday in a first ever show at the Rockefeller Centre’s Ice Rink. The gossip story is that Pete Davidson was a model in the show, surprising guests as he strolled down the runway. We’ll get to him in a bit, but first let’s talk about the show. Vogue reports that Wang pays tribute to iconic designers before him like Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and Donna Karan. The white outfits near the end of the show are an homage to suffragette colours. I also love that Alexander Wang has fully embraced the environmental apocalypse we’re heading toward by incorporating heavy jackets and sweaters into the Spring collection.

Overall, I think the collection looks great. I love the long button down coats, the asymmetric hemlines, and I am obsessed with this jean top and fringed dress:


Clearly, I am not wearing enough belts in my life. I also definitely want to own and wear this outfit every day. The abs come with the outfit, right?


Alexander Wang is an Asian designer, and even though his work speaks for itself, it’s also really cool to see the effect that his heritage has on his work. For instance, the models that walked the runway demonstrated how the clothes would look on a variety of skin tones. This is really important. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve picked something up based on a model wearing it, only to find out that it looks way different on someone of my pigmentation. Even better was when at the end, Alexander brought his parents onto the runway! It might not seem like much, but an Asian designer, bringing his Asian parents to the centre of one of the most iconic landmarks in New York City to celebrate his work as a designer is a BIG deal.

Now back to Pete Davidson. Pete’s appearance on the runway was a surprise in the same way that finding out that the company that owns GEICO also owns Dairy Queen is a surprise (it’s true, look it up!). They don’t seem like they should go together, and neither do Pete and runways. Pete’s outfit was a backwards, black Alexander Wang cap, a white tank showing off his many tats (can you see the ones from Ariana?), a white belt with Alexander Wang’s name on it, and a bi-coloured black and white pant paired with a black shoe.


I’m going to just say it. He looks like a f-ckboy. He looks like someone who would text “u up?” at 4 am on a Wednesday, and then a picture of his dick five minutes later when you didn’t respond. He looks like someone who would say “snatch” unironically or call you by the wrong name when you’re making out. He even walks like a f-ckboy. 

Pete is no stranger to Alexander Wang, having worn his clothing before, and this particular outfit (I like the pants but nothing else) actually fits nicely into his personal aesthetic, which Vanity Fair called “scumbro". (If you have a few minutes, read their description of the scumbro. It’s probably one of the funniest things I’ve ever read.)

I want to know why Pete decided to be in the show. SNL is on hiatus, so he has the time, and he does live in New York. It looks like Alexander Wang and Pete Davidson might even be friends, evidenced by this photo taken before the show.


(Why couldn’t he have just walked down the runway like that?) Was this just for sh-ts ‘n’ gigs or is he testing out the waters before a leap into the fashion world? Is there going to be a scumbro label?
My reaction to that idea is best summed up by this first picture of Anna Wintour as Pete walks past her. She looks like she’s thinking, “Get off my runway f-ckboy.” Same Anna. Same.