It is believed that Pete Davidson and Phoebe Dynevor met in February, when she was in New York to shoot a show. A short time later, he was seen in England with her, near her hometown. Which is where he’s been whenever he can, in between when he’s expected to be on Saturday Night Live. Since SNL is now on summer hiatus, he can spend the whole summer with her in London where she’s been filming the second season of Bridgerton. 


And this weekend the two made what’s being called their official debut as a couple – at Wimbledon, where there was no doubt about the status of their relationship, as you can see from these pictures. These two are deep into each other. Her hand is around his neck, his is resting on her leg. They kissed, they laughed, they whispered, she played with his ear, she leaned on his shoulder…you would think this is the US Open and not Wimbledon, where sh-t is usually a lot more uptight. But then again, young love can’t be stopped. 

Pete and Phoebe were there with at least one of her friends – in the white printed dress. At least it seems that way to me in these shots of Phoebe taking pictures with the woman. The reason I’m mentioning this is because if this is a friend of Phoebe’s, it tells me that she and Pete are that couple who, when they’re around all their friends, can’t stop making out and shutting out everyone else. It’s a phase. Many of us have been there. But I’ve also been the friend in the white dress who sometimes has to be the only person experiencing it – not always fun times, so I appreciate that she’s getting it where she can.