There were a lot of reasons why Bridgerton is so popular – the gossip, the romance, the family drama, the Regé-Jean Page, and as Sarah has written about, the costumes and the sets. What’s your favourite Daphne Bridgerton costume? Mine is the outfit she wore for her debut with the Queen. I mean, it would have to be, right? Her Majesty pronounced her “flawless”. 



It was basically a wedding gown. 

Here’s Phoebe Dyvenor in costume, back in white, on the set of season two of Bridgerton. God I love Regency style. I love a cap sleeve. I love an empire line. I love a dress that just drops from the bust and you don’t have to worry about a waist. Anyway, as you can see, as we knew, the Duchess of Hastings is back for the new season, even though the Duke isn’t and we’re just going to have to be OK with that because RJP is moving on to better things. 

The point of my post here though is fashion, like appropriate fashion. Although the fashion we see in Bridgerton is exactly historically accurate, Regency fashion (if you’re looking at portraits from the time) did expose the neck and the collar bones, sometimes a little cleavage, and even shoulder. And this was back in the early 1800s! 


With this in mind, did you hear about the high school yearbook? 

The photoshop is hilarious. Especially in the plaid shirt photo, OMG. So many things about this story are f-cking outrageous, including the lazy, sh-tty ass job they did with the editing. But the big issue, of course, is why they even had to do this in the first place. According to the school rules, exposed shoulders a problem. But for girls, of course. There is no problem with the boys in school being shirtless in various photos. In 2021!

So would Daphne Bridgerton’s yearbook photo have been f-cked with the way they’ve f-cked with this yearbook?!