Moments before Pink’s AMA performance, Lainey and I were sh-tting on it over text. Lainey texted me, “Why does Pink always have to wire stunt?” To which I responded, “I have no idea. It’s f-cking tired.” 

Well, you know what Pink has never done before? DANCE-RAPPEL DOWN A BUILDING WHILE ALSO SINGING LIVE. HOW? How did she do that? Lainey and I took back our snarky comments as soon as we saw Pink scaling a f-cking skyscraper. If she’s going to do the trapeze thing for every big performance (to be fair, there was no wire-flying at the VMAs), she might as well try to one-up herself. After this gravity-defying feat though, I think she’s going to have to retire the trapeze choreography. How does she top this? Is she going to do a zero-gravity performance from space? That’s the only next logical step. 

Pink performed Beautiful Trauma on the side of the JW Marriott in downtown LA flanked by aerial dancers and she sounded incredible. I can’t imagine the kind of work that had to go into a performance like this. I work on an award show every year. Every performance requires months of technical planning and rehearsals. Pink must have scaled that building a few times so the director in the control room could know when to take their shots, a few more so lighting could get the spotlights just right and a couple more so audio could pick up her flawless vocals. Shout out to all the crew who worked tirelessly behind the scenes so that that this performance looked as good as it sounded. Seriously, HOW did Pink sound like that? By the end of the performance, you could hear her breath getting slightly heavier while she sang “some days I could barely breathe” in perfect pitch. 

Usually, I don’t hate on artists who choose to lip sync as long as they still deliver a great performance. It usually doesn’t bother me if they’re dancing their faces off with the help of a backing track. If Pink lip synced to this particular performance, I don’t think anyone would have faulted her for that. Instead, she flew around like Spider-Man and didn’t miss a note. Hey, if Pink can casually sing live while turning the side of a building into her own personal circus, maybe other artists can use their real voices while doing a bit of choreography? 

Pink just set the bar real high – 34 storeys high to be exact.