This is my favourite new conspiracy theory, even though it involves a Kardashian. Credit goes to Twitter, as usual. But you know who’s pouring gas on it? Drake, of course. Always Drake. Never forget how good Drake is at gossip. (Dlisted) 

Emma Stone talks about Ryan Gosling sort of like how Lana Condor has been talking about Peter K Noah Centineo. Except I’m pretty sure nobody’s out here shipping Emma and Ryan. Which is not meant to be shady. It’s meant to be… some realism? We are back to school. Do we have to accept that Lana and Peter Noah are not happening…for now? That was fun. Can we turn every topic into a conversation about Lara Lana and Peter Noah? (Cele|bitchy) 

Leonardo DiCaprio spent Labour Day weekend in Malibu, seen here shirtless in the water. In a lot of shots of him lately, he’s been photographed with his hand around his stomach region. Photo Assumption says he’s self-conscious about his dad bod. And you know what? GOOD. Not because I’m here to shame but because… REMEMBER – who is he only ever attracted to? Also? Peter Noah looks really good with his shirt off and is living the age that Leo wants to forever go back to. (Pop Sugar) 

Do you think Amazon wishes it had invested in To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky instead of in in Woody Allen? (Pajiba) 

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner were tongue-kissing at the US Open this weekend. I guess I could get behind an in public kiss – if I had to. But, maybe I’m old-fashioned… why does the tongue have to come out when there’s an audience. Right. Because there’s an audience. I am the audience. I don’t need to see tongue. No. Wait. I do. If Lara Jean and Peter K went to the US Open I would want to see tongue. (TMZ) 

I played mahjong with my ma today. Photo is attached. That’s our version of a mother-daughter workout. (Vogue)