Bradley Cooper was papped in New York yesterday and the category is facial hair because everyone’s talking about the way he’s trimmed his beard. 


Coop is rarely clean shaven these days. His usual look over the last few years has been with facial hair. As you can see here though, he’s missing a part of it under his chin. For comparison, this is what Bradley looked like on Friday – standard, nothing unusual. 

Bradley Cooper is seen on June 07, 2024 in New York City

By Monday, however, there was evidence of some grooming. The overall outer margins of the beard haven’t changed, but a clean section has been shaved off under the bottom lip and down to the chin. And it seems fresh because it looks like the skin is smooth in that area. 

Bradley Cooper is seen on June 10, 2024 in New York City

Several media outlets have pointed this out, even PEOPLE. Like what’s with this weird facial hair style? It IS weird, right?! It looks weird! And it looks so evenly coloured too!


He’s an actor, this could be for a role. Word is he’s supposed to start shooting Is This Thing On (he’s directing and appearing in the film) with Will Arnett at some point (Will co-wrote the script) within the next three or four months. Nobody knows what the plot is, but this could very well be in character for him. 

But Coop is also a father? And, I dunno, maybe his kid wanted him to do something with his facial hair; I hear about this all the time – fathers shaving because of their young children, this is a possibility too, right? Whatever it is, please don’t let this become some kind of trend.