For the May issue of Vogue, with May being the month of the Met Gala, it’s not unusual for us to see one of the Met Gala co-chairs on the cover. But then again, if we’re talking about the Met Gala, there is a Queen, and her name is Rihanna and if she agrees to be on the cover… well … who’s going to argue with this? 


We don’t know yet if Rihanna will bless the Met Gala 2022. There’s speculation that she’s due in May and she may not be able to attend although my dream is that she goes and actually gives birth there, a proper coronation!

But first… this issue. This editorial. This interview. It’s too good to excerpt and besides, Rihanna is the kind of celebrity who’s in her own category – it’s not enough for you to go online and read a summary of the article, reading the entire article yourself is the work. Do the gossip homework! It’s Rihanna, after all! And in true Rihanna fashion, she is GIVING it to us. Until 4am in the morning, LOL. As I have said, this is my favourite part of Rihanna’s pregnancy: that her schedule is STILL her schedule. Out for dinner most nights, late (as was the case last night, see photos attached below, in a bra and a boa and jeans). Partying in Paris during Fashion Week. Partying wherever the party is. Giving us everything. 

What is everything?  


The looks. The style perspective during her pregnancy – which is what we have seen these last three months: Rihanna’s pregnancy style is just…Rihanna’s style. But in Vogue she’s talking about some of the adjustments her stylist has had to make to accommodate her changing body while maintaining her non-pregnancy style energy. So we’re checking all the fashion boxes in this piece, it is Vogue after all. 

We also check off the personal boxes too because Rihanna is taking personal questions. She’s sharing about her pregnancy, her relationship with A$AP Rocky, details about how they went from friends to romance, how he’s been received by her family, and how they’re planning their lives together…

Basically the opposite of the celebrity interview formula which is: the More Famous the Star the less open they are about their lives. Not the case here. It doesn’t get much more famous than Rihanna. And here she’s being as candid as we’ve ever seen from her during one of the most precious periods of her life without the sense that she’s compromising any of her boundaries. 


It’s a lesson in celebrity, by one of the most influential celebrities of our time. That’s not to say Rihanna’s approach to her celebrity works for everyone – but she’s found a way to make it work for her. And that’s why she’s the baddest bitch in the business….although, LOL, they are STILL nagging her in the comments about the album!