Dear Gossips, 

When Rihanna is in LA, she’s often seen at Giorgio Baldi, her favourite restaurant. There are times when she’s been there almost every day of the week. She’s said before that one of the considerations when she bought one of her homes in LA was to make sure it was in the Giorgio Baldi delivery zone. She’s been eating there since she was 18 and by now, it’s well known what her order is: half portions of the ravioli with ricotta cheese, the gnocchi, and the spaghetti pomodoro. 


Rihanna was last at Giorgio Baldi on Saturday. After the Super Bowl on Sunday, however, she hit up Nobu. And she was back at Nobu on Tuesday night, a late dinner as usual. The amateur hour point I’m trying to make here is that Rihanna is craving Japanese food during her pregnancy. 

Anyway, the outfit at Nobu the other night was excellent. Chicago Bulls jersey, brown joggers, and that red heart-shaped Saint Laurent furry coat that she was first seen wearing in 2016: 


That’s a special piece, and clearly she’s in the love mood for it right now. Speaking of love, this is what Rocky gave her for Valentine’s Day: 


I’m the grandma who didn’t know Lego did bouquets. My favourite though is the card – Mary J Blige and Method Man and the lyrics to “You’re All I Need”, a stone-cold classic. They reunited for “You’re All I Need” back in 2019 during Mary’s performance when she received the Lifetime Achievement at the BET Awards. Rihanna was there that night, dancing alongside Diddy, unaware that three years later those lyrics would be the expression of love from the person with whom she’s expecting her first child. She’s fully aware, however, that she started yet another trend. More on this later today. 

Yours in gossip,