Like there was any chance Rihanna, now pregnant, would change up her routine – that routine being going out to the places she loves... in style. 


Rihanna’s pregnancy announcement in and of itself was all style, a whole new style of celebrity pregnancy announcement, pivoting away from the Instagram reveal to set up paparazzi shots. Every time she’s been seen since, it’s been full bump steeze. Did you see the all-black outfit with the lace-up cardigan she wore in New York the other day? 

If she’s posting it on her IG it’s because she is feeling herself 100. She hid her pregnancy for weeks before she was ready. Now that she’s confirmed it, it’s been the exact opposite – every look is bump out and bare. Which is what we saw last night in LA. 


Rihanna hit up her favourite restaurant, Giorgio Baldi. The fit was animal print and denim, a tiny top from the pre-maternity Rihanna era, and the highlight for me: not the bump but what she’s done with the straps on her sandals, wrapping them over her jeans to create a taper and a cuff so that they’re now shaped like a jogger. I love this fashion hack. 

Rihanna’s in LA this weekend like almost everyone else. It’s Super Bowl weekend, always a popular event on the celebrity calendar but when the Super Bowl comes to Hollywood, it’s a bigger party than usual. Looking forward to the outfits she has planned over the next few days.