Dear Gossips,

I got the Official Beyhive email yesterday at 10:27am. And I was ready. I’ve BEEN ready. Last time there were five of us – Amy, Duana, Lara, Sasha, and me – coordinated with our laptops and our phones, multiple phones, ready to call and refresh as soon as tickets went on sale, and still we ended up with a mishmash of seats and singles. It was OK though. We were there, in Formation. But then, at 10:27am and five seconds yesterday, I scanned the tour schedule. On The Run II is not coming to Toronto. The tour will conclude in Vancouver on October 2. Vancouver, my other home town, the only Canadian stop. Is this a test? Is Beyoncé testing me? Because now she’s not only asking for my money, she’s asking for my vacation days. Vacation days are precious. October 2 is a Tuesday. If I want to see her in Vancouver, it’s minimum two vacation days. If I get tickets in NYC or Buffalo or Detroit, it’s at least one vacation day. Pre-sale goes live tomorrow. So, basically, today I have to figure out which location I’m going to try for tickets, then push to get my vacation days approved at work (looking forward to citing “Beyoncé” on the vacation request form), and then hope I can get through online for seats. I’ve already spent an hour on the phone this morning with my credit card trying to make arrangements. If it’s a slow start to the site then, now you know why: BEYONCÉ. Always Beyoncé. 

Right. Enough about me. Let’s talk about the tour. Note the song that’s been chosen to accompany the tour announcement video – Sean Paul’s I’m Still In Love With You.  


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This is where the Carters are at then? How is this different from the last time they went on tour together? Let’s revisit the timeline: 

On her song Sorry, Beyoncé sings about how “I ain’t picking up”, presumably a reference to Jay calling her after he got busted for cheating. In his song 4:44, released last summer, Jay raps about calling Beyoncé when she was on tour but she wouldn’t pick up. 

In 2013/14 Beyoncé was on the Mrs Carter Show World Tour. The tour ended on March 27, 2014. Six weeks later, on May 5, 2014, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, and Solange were in an elevator after the MET Gala. We all saw what happened in the elevator. Presumably then, the infidelity happened some time between 2013 and 2014. Less than two months after the elevator incident, the Carters kicked off the On The Run tour in Miami. During that tour, she got pretty emotional on several occasions when singing Resentment, in a wedding dress, resulting in all kinds of speculation that Jay f-cked up and that she was processing her anger about it on stage. They kept toying with the idea of separation and reconciliation throughout that whole show, ending each night with a display of togetherness. 

Beyoncé then stayed quiet – until the release of Lemonade on April 23, 2016, confirming that Jay did indeed step out on her and this was re-confirmed by Jay himself with his own album 4:44 last year. 

So will On The Run II be Lemonade accompanied by 4:44? Two hours of Beyoncé telling Jay not to play himself, not to hurt himself? And reminding him that: 

You ain’t married to no average bitch, boy

Warning him that: 

You know I give you life
You try this sh-t again…
You gon’ lose your wife

Putting her middle fingers hand high waving them in his face, telling him “boy bye”? 

Will hot sauce make an appearance? 

Yours in gossip,