Channel 4 in the UK aired a documentary last night about Prince Andrew’s friendship with dead rapist pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. It was a 12 year relationship and they travelled in style from Europe to the Caribbean to the US, surrounded by girls, many of whom were underage. Andrew has always insisted he did nothing wrong. Never mind that his boy was always curiously accompanied by very young-looking girls, never mind that his boy was arrested, never mind that his boy was sentenced to a year in jail, for solicitation of underage prostitution, never mind that his boy became a registered sex offender – Prince Andrew calls it a simple lapse in judgement, and none of us should be suspicious of anything more. He denies it. These women are all lying. 

Especially Virginia Giuffre, who filed court documents, as covered in the Channel 4 doc last night, that she was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew three times and including during an orgy with Epstein and eight other girls on Epstein’s private island. It was also revealed by a private investigator during the doc that Andrew saw Epstein 10 times over 12 years and would stay with Epstein for several days. So the implication here is that if you’re spending that much time with a person who was a known pedophile, and you were at the places where that creep was known to be doing his vile sh-t… are you sure you didn’t see anything? That’s what Prince Andrew has said, multiple times. That he didn’t see, that he didn’t know, that he didn’t do. A lot of people don’t believe him. 

Also reported in the documentary – Lady Victoria Hervey revealed that Jeffrey Epstein liked to “collect people” and that Andrew was “his biggest kind of trophy”.  As for whether or not Andrew was warned about being used – well Epstein was allegedly warned about it. An anonymous friend of Epstein’s said that he told Epstein that “they will attack Prince Andrew for being your friend, and each of you will lose. This is a lose-lose”. To which Epstein allegedly replied, “No one will know”. 

Nothing like a friendship that can’t see the light of day. What did they do in the shadows? Is Prince Andrew worried about having to answer that question? 

Amazingly Prince Andrew is getting very little coverage today in the UK papers. And how fortunate for him because he had an event today with a Chinese delegation:


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How fortuitous that he didn’t have to worry about these Chinese entrepreneurs waking up in their hotel rooms and seeing his face next to a pedophile’s on the front page of the newspapers. No wonder he’s unbothered. People are so much more upset about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and all the not illegal, not rapey things they’ve been doing. Including Piers Morgan, who’s been shouting about the Sussexes for months – on his show, in several columns in the Daily Mail, and of course on Twitter. Piers tweeted about Andrew today, did you see?  

I mean, that’s totally the same, non?