House Sussex is the British royal story that’s been dominating headlines this week. And when there’s a big headline getting all the attention, if you have something to bury, it’s the ideal time. There are secrets all up and down the British royal lineage but, currently, the member of the royal family who has the most to bury is Prince Andrew because, of course, there are still so many things we don’t know about his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, the dead rapist pedophile. 

So, while the world is obsessing over Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, this is happening in Andrew’s life: 

I’m sure they’ll say this is simple paperwork. There’s no reason for his private secretary to have a role in the royal household anymore since Andrew has been booted from official royal duty. Interesting though that it’s not like it’s a severance package since she is holding on to one of her job responsibilities and won’t be unemployed. She is now CEO of Pitch@Palace Global. Pitch@Palace the organisation that Andrew’s been running that aims to support startup companies. The conceit is that entrepreneurs are invited to Buckingham Palace to make their pitches. But Andrew doesn’t work out of Buckingham Palace anymore so the name of the company doesn’t even make sense. 

Maybe that’s why Amanda needed to be financially taken care of, because Pitch@Palace isn’t exactly blue chip right now with sponsors and corporate allies tapping out on them after Andrew’s stupidity was on full display during his interview on BBC Newsnight. 

Amanda Thirsk is said to be in full support of that interview and Andrew’s performance during it which… if I’m an investor, I don’t know that gives me a lot of confidence. Like at this point, even though I know f-ck all about business, I might be better at that job than any of these clowns. 

Still, there’s the matter of this “settlement”. Could be a simple employee procedure, standard exit package, but given that this is Andrew and there’s a rape cloud hanging over him, I don’t think it’s offside for people to be raising their eyebrows like… what’s this money for? What does she know? 

In other Jeffrey Epstein news, did you hear about how video footage from his first suicide attempt has been mistakenly disappeared? Apparently it “no longer exists”. Like there were technical issues and somehow the video is… gone. So for all the f-cking hours of video they have, THAT particular time and day is the one that got f-cked up? Seriously!?