“Rare” – that’s the word that’s coming up a lot today in the headlines about Kate Cambridge joining her father-in-law Prince Charles and Camilla at a visit to The Prince’s Foundation training site for arts and culture at Trinity Buoy Wharf today. PEOPLE described it as a “rare joint outing”; the UK Mirror also called it “a rare day out”; the UK express added an “ultra” in front of the “rare”; and HELLO!, like PEOPLE, went with “rare joint outing”. You get the idea. And you probably get the message: this doesn’t happen often, Kate accompanying her in-laws without William. So appreciate it, OK!? It’s rare!


But as I’ve been saying over the last few weeks as we get closer to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, we’re now seeing the royal publicity strategy unfolding so as to get the conversation back on track, and away from the accused rapist member of the family. The senior royals who are not being chased by scandal will be out here on these streets doing their usual royal thing, and clearly they’re working on different combinations of royals to send out at strategic times. Today it was Triple C Trio: Charles, Camilla, Catherine. It certainly helps Charles. 

Let’s not pretend that anyone who gets off on royal sh-t has Charles and Camilla on the top of their excitement list. That clearly wasn’t the case when he was married to Princess Diana and it was super obvious that she was the superstar between them. Which, as we all know now, was a bug in his ass for many years. And then when his sons’ popularity steadily grew, he seemed to bristle against that too. Oh what a difference now, to see Kate coming in with an assist here on this “rare” joint outing, and bringing in more attention to a royal engagement that, well, may not have attracted the same level of attention had she not shown up. 

Right, because the board has changed. The royal sparkle has gotten considerably duller over the last couple of years with family fractures and family members being associated with dead rapist pedophiles and sex traffickers. They need all the razzle dazzle they can possibly conjure which is why we’re seeing this overhyped “rare” Triple C appearance.