Dear Gossips,

Big G turned five years old yesterday and, as I’m sure you’ve seen, a new photo was released to celebrate the occasion. 

He looks delighted with himself. And delighted to be by himself. All eyes on G, as it should be. The Cambridges reportedly were in Mustique for Big G’s birthday with the Middletons. It also happened to be the island’s 50th anniversary. Re: this photo though – I saw a meme that cracked me up and forgot to save it, of G’s birthday portrait side by side with Michael Jackson’s Off the Wall album cover. Well before Instagram, a brick wall has always been the place to pose. 

In other royal news, Prince Harry is in Amsterdam today for the International AIDS Conference, meeting with young advocates working to end HIV/AIDS by 2030: 

More photos from his visit will be posted as they become available. Also today, a Comic-Con roundup. And updates on Beyoncé and Taylor Swift.  

Yours in gossip,