Today is Big G’s sixth birthday. He and House Cambridge are currently on holiday where they always go on holiday in Mustique, one of the UNmusty-est places in the world. Mustique is exclusive AF which, of course, is what makes it so attractive to celebrities and royals. Prince William and Catherine can get right into the ocean, tan on the beach, do whatever it is that they do without worrying about paparazzi or some random creeping a shot of them and posting it on Instagram. Because the place is so small they’d get called out immediately and probably thrown off the island. 

To celebrate Big G’s big day, Kensington Palace released new photos of him on social media taken, as usual, by Kate herself. Here’s G in his England kit showing off his new gap. 


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I wonder if G will have to wear braces. Both William and Harry wore braces when they were younger. Here’s another shot of G likely taken in Mustique and then a third of him laughing in the grass: 


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This is the shot Gary Janetti will be coming back to often, I think. He was on it right away: 


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You know what I appreciate most about Big G’s birthday message? The apostrophe in the caption: “Highness’s”. 


By the way, in case you’re wondering, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle commented on one of G’s birthday posts on Instagram:


The women of House Cambridge and House Sussex have done the work to shut down rumours of tension between the two households lately, giving the UK papers nowhere to go, at least for now, in starting new girl sh-t between the two of them. How long before they cook up something fresh?