Meghan Markle attended what’s considered to be her most high profile official royal event today as the Queen celebrated Commonwealth Day at Westminster Abbey. Prince Charles and Camilla were there, along with Prince William and Catherine, and then it was Prince Harry and Meghan, representing the senior members of the royal family. This is a big deal. And the fact that Meghan was included is yet another sign of her acceptance among the most high ranking royals – actually THE most high ranking royal, Her Majesty herself. At this point it’s more than just the Queen indulging Harry, rewarding him for representing her so well over the last few years. That’s part of it, sure. But another part of it is how well Meghan has performed and they’ve seen it. They threw her in here with little to no “princess training” and she’s been impressively well suited to the role. 

So here they are, the Royal Four, out in public as a team now for the third time, and looking more and more comfortable together. Maybe this is really aggressive Photo Assumption but Kate, to me, seems like she’s having more fun than ever, now that she has a peer. 

Let’s talk about the fashion choices here. Will, Harry, and Kate all wore navy. Meghan, as part of the foursome then, stands out, like right out, in white. Totally cool or offside? It’s a bride thing, don’t you think? My friend, Danielle Graham, the entire year leading up to her wedding, she wore white whenever she could. We even made it a recurring theme on etalk – oh look, it’s Danielle in white, again. We get it! You’re getting married! It was a full 6 months, I think, before Danielle eased up on the white clothes, grudgingly. I’m getting that vibe from Meghan too. She really does look cute in a beret though, non? Like, she had something extra going on today – extra photogenic, extra pretty in all her pictures. Especially this one, which made me double take. And I have stared at it for a long, long time: 

Did you get the same feeling I did? Did you get the same vibe? 

A Diana vibe? 

Meghan is giving me a serious case of the Dianas in that shot. If I had more time today, I’d find you a side-by-side. Let me work on this for tomorrow.