Is it only Day 4 of this tour? It feels long for me, can you imagine how it feels for them? 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were back in Sydney today and started their Friday schedule with a visit to Bondi Beach where they kicked off their shoes and walked barefoot in the sand and sat in an energy circle with members from OneWave to talk about mental health. Harry opened up about his own mental health experiences, sharing that it took him a while to “find the right person to speak to” – 18 months in his case – and his point was that he had to keep trying, that like any health issue, physical or mental, improvement is not often immediate but that it is worth it. 

Later on, Harry and Royal Meghan met with the Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his wife Jenny Morrison and hung out with students at Macarthur Girls High School where Meghan talked about what it meant to her to go to an all-girls school and what that brought to her life. Later on, Harry climbed Sydney Harbour Bridge, without Meghan, and raised the Invictus Games flag at the top. During the climb, he spent time with Gwen Cherne whose husband, Peter J Café, a special forces officer, died by suicide last year. Gwen said that Harry was “thoughtful”, that he asked about their three children, that he asked if she was being supported the veterans’ community, and that he most of all, he was able to empathise with her loss in a way that was personal and unpatronising. 

The Invictus Opening Ceremony is tomorrow night. The Sussexes will spend the weekend supporting Invictus in Sydney before heading to Fraser Island on Monday and then Fiji on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

As you can see, the Sussexes’ signature PDA was front and centre all day. They held hands on the beach, they had their arms around each other while seated on the beach, and at one point, Harry’s hand was in Meghan’s lap when they were talking in the energy circle. What’s new today: the baby bump headlines and how she was “cradling” it. So, here we go. Time to ask the question: is Royal Meghan a belly-cupper? 

One of my favourite things about Princess Kate is that she was not a belly-cupper, three times over. As we’ve seen though, Cambridge style is not Sussex style. The Cambridges are reserved. The Sussexes are much more overt. I’m into Harry and Meghan’s PDA as much as the next person but I draw the line at belly-cupping. I can totally see her being a belly-cupper. If she is a belly-cupper, I wonder how the Brits are going to handle it. I don’t think it’s their thing. 

Oh Jesus. Will HE be a belly-cupper? God help me if we ever see a shot of Prince Harry doing this: