Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wrapped up their first overseas tour on Tuesday and reportedly flew back to London yesterday. By all accounts, it was a smash hit. They kicked it off with a major announcement, they hit up as many destinations as possible, there were huge crowds at the walkabouts, Royal Meghan gave three speeches, everyone was delighted, the coverage was everywhere. And as if all that wasn’t enough, right out the gate, Meghan performed the belly-cupping. Which, again, got a lot of play. The MiniVan Majority loves belly-cupping. It’s like a signature MiniVan Majority move. Pregnancy photos on Facebook – in sepia (sepia is a popular belly-cupping colour-tone) – always involve belly-cupping. 

Prince Harry did not choose a sepia filter for his personal belly-cupping photo of Meghan and their bump. But it could totally be on Facebook. Here’s what showed up on the Kensington Royal Instagram account today: 


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Last week I wondered about whether or not the belly-cupping would be, like, “officialised”. Remember that formal portrait belly-cup in Fiji? KP did not use that shot, which was the more official shot of all the dignitaries. I guess, though, they were saving it for New Zealand. A special gift for New Zealand. Immortalised on official royal social media. So does that mean belly-cupping is royally endorsed now? Are f-cking gender reveal parties now going to be officially royally endorsed?!? 

Attached: Harry and Meghan visit Redwoods Tree Walk in Rotorua, New Zealand on the final day of their tour.