Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have wrapped up their trip to Morocco. For all the drama that’s been swirling around Meghan lately, as I keep saying, this is the one thing her critics can’t drag her for: work ethic. And by all accounts, the weekend went well, yet another successful tour in the books. Were you surprised though that her father, Thomas Markle, didn’t try to ruin it? Meghan dominated the headlines last week with her New York City Takeover. I almost can’t believe that Thomas didn’t take his usual tabloid dump on Sunday and give another interview.

Yesterday, to conclude their visit, Harry and Meghan were invited to meet with the King of Morocco, Mohammed VI and his family. She wore a loose blue Carolina Herrera dress with flutter sleeves – great colour on her, great print, she looks pretty, probably one of her best outfits in a while. It was a busy day with a lot of wardrobe changes as they made several stops – a selection of photos is attached below. As you can see, the aggressive belly-cupping continues, and the signature Sussex PDA was in full effect all weekend as they were as affectionate and tactile with each other as they’ve ever been, always staying close, looking at each other often, giggling together often, warmly receiving well-wishes about the pregnancy –and joking about it too, at the 50 second mark:


Cute, right? I was only been able to catch up on all this footage last night and this morning but from what I’ve seen, Harry and Meghan delighted their hosts and, evidently, each other. These two are irresistible, the brand is strong. And she is glowing right now which, of course, is part of the draw, and why the pictures getting beamed out all over the place. Also well timed following the shower and before that the PEOPLE Magazine feature with her five friends sticking up for her and a surprise endorsement from Beyoncé. This, evidently, is a third trimester PR strategy, with Royal Meghan taking back control of the narrative in the final weeks of her pregnancy and building towards the birth of the baby. That’s the advantage of media training. It’s almost like the British tabloids forgot that she had that in her toolbox.