Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visited Cardiff Castle in Wales today and also Star Hub community centre where they met with young people in the athletic centre and at the dance studio. The pictures of them hanging out with those little dancers are adorable. But this video is even cuter – pay close attention to what he says at the end:

“And release – she’s mine!”

Look how animated they both are. And how close they are. And tactile. He’s never too far away from her. It’s hot. This entire period of their story right now is probably the hottest. You’re into it right? Come on. It’s sh-t f-ck the middle of January. We need the pick-me-up. 

In other Harry and Meghan news…

They weren’t together much last weekend. The reason: my sources tell me Meghan’s first wedding dress fitting was this past weekend! I’m told she’s not yet decided on a specific dress but the options were definitely narrowed down. 

Counting down now to when Meghan’s opportunistic sister will jump in with her thoughts on the wedding dress… 

“And release – she’s mine!”