Prince Harry was in Edinburgh today working with Travalyst, the sustainable travel initiative he launched last year. He arrived direct to Scotland from Canada where, as we know, he and Meghan Markle have been living since the end of 2019. 

The Sussexes have been a major heatscore – they always are but, of course, right now they’re even more in the spotlight than usual because of Sussexit and everybody gossiping about whether or not they’re being ungrateful f-cks or sympathising with them wanting to cut loose out of the UK and the tabloid media, not to mention the backstabbers in the royal environment. 


And the big headline coming out of Harry’s appearance in Edinburgh is that he asked to be called “Harry”, just “Harry” – notable because, obviously, as we approach the Endgame, March 31, Harry and Meghan will no longer be using their formal HRH titles. 

Other than that, though, from all angles, it seemed like it was business as usual. He’s not new to being in public, promoting a cause, being engaging and charming, and that won’t change. And today there was little royal institutional presence, nor were “The Cartel” invited, so Harry didn’t have a face on; there was nobody there to scowl at. 

Next week, though, Harry and Meghan are expected back in London for several events, including Commonwealth Day, and will be seen for the first time this year – and in months – with other members of the British royal family. Even with the most generous of readings, in favour of either side, there can't be denying that there’s been a fracture, that there are hurt feelings and resentments and grudges being kept. How that plays out, for a family that was born to keep up appearances, remains to be seen, and impossible to ignore. The British royal façade hasn’t been this brittle in a long, long time.