Prince Harry was in London this weekend, photographed at the British Summer Time Festival on Saturday night during The Killers show. As an aside, did you know that Mr Brightside has charted in the UK every year since its release in 2004? Every single year for 13 years. Most songs only chart the year they were released. Unless it’s a Christmas song. Mr Brightside is not a Christmas song. But they really, really love Mr Brightside, and The Killers, in the UK. That said, The Killers have always sounded like a UK band, non?

So anyway, back to Harry, he was hanging out with his friends, enjoying the weather, a few beers, and there was a blonde with him. Also no Meghan Markle who is currently in Toronto working on Suits. Which is why, for about 5 minutes, everyone was like, OMG what’s happening?

Turns out she’s actually dating Thomas van Straubenzee, a good friend of both William and Harry. Thomas, who they call “Van”, is one of Princess Charlotte’s godfathers. William and Harry were ushers at Thomas’s wedding a few years ago. Wedding? He’s married? And has a girlfriend? Well the divorce happened last year. He was married to Lady Melissa Percy whose father is the Earl of Northumberland. In other words, super rich. Like even more rich than the Queen. Their family home is Hogwarts. And Melissa, “Missy”, is known to be pretty wild but the divorce was granted on the grounds of Van’s “unreasonable behaviour” which would suggest, to outsiders, that he was offside. British gossips, however, rumoured at the time that he only agreed to it to protect her reputation and, perhaps, his settlement?

Whatever. The point is, Van is single. And he’s dating Alexandria Jackson who’s based in LA. And that’s supposedly who Harry’s pictured with here. And, as you know, from these circles, very little comes between these people, these men. Money? Maybe. But rarely a woman.

As for Meghan Markle, word is that she no longer needs a security pass for Kensington Palace and if that’s true, it means there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes than has been officially made public. If Meghan is cleared for access at KP, that’s major status in Harry’s life, clearly observed by the team in place that looks after William and Harry’s affairs. There’s now speculation that an engagement will be officially announced in the fall, following Harry’s birthday and the Invictus Games. For that to happen, groundwork would already be in place, with palace officials getting ahead of the situation, having things ready so that when it happens – if it happens – they’re fully prepared. It’s already July.