The big royal headline coming out of the weekend was the Sunday Times report about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle possibly being sent away because he and Prince William aren’t getting along. In my post about this yesterday, I wrote that there were different ways to interpret the story, depending on which House you’re loyal to, Cambridge or Sussex. 

You know what hasn’t been discussed enough? Some of the wording that was thrown around in that Sunday Times article. Here are the two paragraphs that jumped out to me:

What has prompted serious questions about whether the Sussexes might leave Britain for a while? The origins lie in that separation of the two offices, a move – more than half-a-dozen sources attest – driven by a recognition that the two men will have very different constitutional roles in the future and the growing personal differences of approach between them and their wives.

What is more, insiders say, the institutional separation has cemented some of those personal differences to a degree that has led certain courtiers – realising the next few years could shape the future of the monarchy for decades to come – to conclude they need a new plan. 

“Constitutional.” “Institutional.” These are words that those viper courtiers care most about – the maintenance of the status quo. And those are the words that frame this entire situation. Courtiers have been stirring sh-t for years in royal courts (that’s where Littlefinger Petyr Baelish came from – he’s a composite of all the courtiers in history) and one of their favourite moves is to pit one royal sibling against the other, to plant seeds of worry by claiming that the integrity of the “institution” is at stake. 

So if it’s true that William and Harry aren’t getting along, blaming Meghan Markle is a lazy reaction. The poison is more likely coming from the palace insiders and that may be what Harry is upset about – that his brother is allowing the real life Littlefingers and minor royals to shake their bond. Remember, everyone is constantly jockeying for position, for a better seat, for an invitation to that thing or the other, for another title or, I don’t know, whatever it is that these people can’t let go of. The tip-off in the Sunday Times story is this sentence:

Some members of the royal family, no fans of Meghan, have even speculated that she might one day run for president of the United States herself. 


This is absurd. Who would be dumbass enough to say something this dumbass? I have a few suggestions. OfMichael would be one of them. It’s a dead giveaway that at least some of the Times’s sources on this are motivated by personal vendetta. The question then is whether or not William is being manipulated by these people who are clearly making a play to his ego and exploiting his insecurities. And how Harry will respond. 

Royal reporter Omid Scobie, reporting for Harper’s Bazaar has an update with sources for House Sussex saying that everything has been overblown, that if they were to go abroad, it wouldn’t be an official move but rather a “short stint” and that Harry and Meghan relocating for over a year is definitely not an option. 

“These discussions, which the couple are driving, are very much embryonic,” says the source, who is familiar with a number of their future endeavors. “Both the duke and duchess are keen to balance projects in Britain and overseas, particularly countries in Africa. There are many exciting possibilities … but moving away for years? That’s not an idea they are throwing around. We’re talking a few months away or a series of trips.”

The source continues, “Let’s not forget that they are already committed to a number of charitable projects and patronages domestically. As well as being their home, the U.K. is still somewhere they have responsibilities they wouldn’t neglect.”

The duke and duchess both hold significant roles within the Commonwealth, with Harry now in his second year as a Commonwealth youth ambassador and Meghan recently appointed Vice President of the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust (Harry is president). It’s only natural their future includes more travel across the Commonwealth’s 53 sovereign states.

Another Kensington Palace source insists that William is supportive of whatever Harry wants – which, of course they would say that. Interestingly though, check this quote from a friend of House Sussex:

“Let’s be clear about one thing: Any decision the couple make about their future will be made by themselves for themselves. Harry and Meghan have always wanted to reach people on a global level and that is the only thing that’s motivating them. Aside from the Queen and Prince Charles, they’re not looking to other family members, or their teams, for guidance.”

That is… a POINTED omission. And if there’s a source on the Sussex side speaking in support of Harry and Meghan who’s giving a quote about who the Sussexes look to for guidance and his BIG BROTHER IS NOT INCLUDED, it can be read as good a confirmation as any that Harry is not only disappointed in William but that he DOESN’T TRUST HIM. And this goes deep. 

Recall what Diana went through with the royal courtiers, how they undermined her, how she felt they were throwing her under the bus. William and Harry know the backstory. But if all this is playing out the way it sure seems to be playing out, with courtiers playing games behind the scenes and playing one brother off the other, and Harry thinks that William has become susceptible to that manipulation, of course their relationship is going to be strained; his brother was supposed to be his first defender. They were supposed to be beyond that bullsh-t.

So this is a clapback. Harry is clapping back at William after William and the courtiers, it would seem, let out this story about the Sussexes being banished perhaps to remind them of who “constitutionally” has the power – as if anyone needed a f-cking reminder. 

What do we have here then? After years and years of blaming the media, are William and Harry using the media…to send messages to each other? How long before these people figure out that this is not a good look? Will they come to the realisation that this is not a good look?!