I wrote about the verb tense in my previous post about Meghan Markle going into labour. That didn’t take long – it’s been confirmed that House Sussex has produced a male heir. 

Quick, non? Probably because she’d already delivered when they announced she went into labour. Of course Prince Harry and Meghan also let us know on Instagram:


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I f-cking love this. It’s so “not the way they do it”, but it is totally the way the Sussexes do it – with exclamation points! Also lovely that Doria Ragland has been included with a line of her own in the official statement. That she’s with Harry and Meghan at Frogmore Cottage may suggest that it was indeed a home birth. 

Here’s Harry giving a brief statement – he looks exhausted, understandably, but also exhilarated:

He uses the expression “over the moon”. And my first thought about that is Dlisted’s Michael K who, for years, has been dedicating posts to “over the moon” AND is Prince Harry’s #1 fan/stalker/fantasy lover. It’s almost like Harry was sending Michael a message. 

More on Baby Sussex to come.