While Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been visible the last few months, they’ve mostly only been seen virtually, participating in voting initiatives and promoting their causes. When they do step out in person, it’s been to deliver meals to those in need, or helping to distribute care packages to families ahead of the school season. The Sussexes aren’t really, at least not yet, part of the Hollywood scene. 


Earlier this week though (Tuesday) they were out for dinner with David Foster and Katharine McPhee. Yesterday PEOPLE reported that David and Katharine are expecting their first child. Meghan and Katharine have known each other since university. David apparently hooked them up at the place where they were staying on Vancouver Island when they first left the UK. 

Photos of Harry and Meghan leaving the restaurant in Montecito have been acquired with a full day exclusive window by the Daily Mail which tells me that these weren’t staged. Because if they were going to stage a pap situation, it wouldn’t be for the shots to end up being published by a tabloid they’re suing.


Harry’s in a half-untucked shirt, open collar, and blue khaki pants and Meghan’s wearing cropped faux-leather pants with bright embellished mules under a camel coat and sweater. According to the photo agency, they ate on the patio. So if the Sussexes are barely leaving the house these days and they left the house to meet up with the Fosters, can we assume that David and Katharine are the people they’re closest to now that they live in California? The Fosters were not at Harry and Meghan’s wedding – but they were living in London when Katharine was performing in Waitress on the West End in 2019 which is when she and Meghan reconnected. Clearly they all became close, which they were able to keep undercover at the time, because the British tabloids weren’t reporting on that at all. 

Meghan and Katharine are close in age so the bond makes sense. As for Harry and David though… well here’s someone who would understand a little about what Harry needs in a friend, someone outside of the bullsh-t confines of the British aristocracy but who knows about the spotlight, about celebrity, about being in the spotlight. And someone who clearly understands discretion. I wonder then if David’s become a hybrid friend/father figure for Harry now. For all the speculation coming from the British tabloids (who’ve been completely cut off from any reliable reporting on the Sussexes now) about Harry struggling being away from England and feeling lonely, maybe the truth is… he’s actually building, with Meghan, a circle offering the kind of support he wasn’t getting from the royal family?