Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were seen together for the first time in months last night. Page Six has the photos. I know for some people it seems like Harry and Meghan are always up in our faces… because the British tabloids can’t stop talking about them but they aren’t actually out that much. And after the press tour for Spare wrapped, Harry went back undercover. 


But they did break cover last night when they went out for dinner at San Vicente Bungalows and, well, the timing is certainly curious. Because the big story making headlines this week about Harry and Meghan is about how King Charles has evicted them from Frogmore Cottage and that Prince Andrew is said to be the new resident. 

Frogmore was a gift from Queen Elizabeth to Prince Harry. He and Meghan repaid the cost of the renovations. And now his father is basically changing the locks on him. So that the shame of his family, Prince Andrew, can live there. For what it’s worth, word is Andrew isn’t keen on it because Frogmore is much smaller than Royal Lodge, where he’s lived for decades. It would be a major downgrade for Andrew and you know how that f-cker feels about being downgraded. That, really, to me is the funny part of the story – how pompous Andy is being forced by his brother the king to vacate the mansion he’s called home, a home he got through mummy’s indulgent blessing, and has to squeeze into a cottage. But of course the focus is all on H&M and the punishment/revenge the king is inflicting on them – which, yeah, this is some petty sh-t, no doubt. 


So to go back to their outing last night… I mean, even if the paps happened to luck out with them showing up, the timing is convenient. They look unbothered. They look gorgeous, Meghan in particular: skin well moisturised and glowing, the beaming smile, Harry’s casual Hollywood energy…

As if to say, without saying, we now live in a big ass house in a country you have no jurisdiction over, that we own outright. It’s a classic Diana move, and a classic Hollywood move, and while Harry’s not Hollywood, he lives there now, let’s not pretend he doesn’t know these tricks. After all, Frogmore or not, Harry’s in his flex era now. 

Spare is the fastest-selling non-fiction book of all time. Harry’s book is currently the publishing world’s crown jewel. And he’s about to do another round of press to promote it with a livestream coming up this month. And remember Spare is still only available in hardcover. There will be another round of sales when it’s released in trade paperback. So this sighting of Harry and Meghan, just as news is breaking about Frogmore being taken away from them, can be seen as a clapback. And maybe even an “I told you so”? 


Because much of the media focus on Spare was about how the British royal family treated Harry and Meghan like sh-t. And now his father the king is out here snatching homes away from his son. So just weeks after millions of copies of Harry’s book is sold, and he’s spilling all the tea about the institution, the institution, once again, keeps doing the sh-t that Harry has accused them of doing. 


This is the part I can’t get over. How an institution with this much power continues to show its ass over and over again, amateur hour all the f-cking time. 

In other Harry news, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert released a previously unseen part of Harry’s interview with Stephen that features him doing the Colbert Questionnert. It was already obvious last month when he appeared on the show that he and Stephen had great chemistry, that Stephen enjoyed him. And that vibe is only amplified during this silly segment as they banter back and forth. What’s effective about this, from Harry’s point of view, is that it’s a showcase for how fun Harry can be. He’s game, he’s quick, and he’s funny. With an ego. His “aisle or window seat” answer is a good example of that. Colbert had no choice but to toast. 



As for Spare and my long gestating review, which I’m sorry I haven’t posted yet, I don’t have a good excuse. It’s half-written and then I got busy with so much other sh-t, and then award season, and then it got talked about to death and now the draft is like a black cloud over my head where every day I say, today is the day and then I get bored and something else comes up. So the short answer is, it’ll have to wait until after the Oscars, sorry!