Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced last week that they’re working on two new Netflix non-fiction series – one sounds like a lifestyle show in which Meghan will plant herbs and use them to roast chicken, and the other is about the polo life and the experiences of the athletes who play the sport. Fitting then that they showed up this weekend in Florida where Harry played in a charity polo match in support of Sentebale and Meghan was there to support him and present a trophy. Literally American Riviera Orchard meets Ride to Survive. 


There was a kiss on the podium. There were rich people in hats wearing Talbots. It was a lot of blue and ecru, as modelled by the royal couple themselves. And reportedly the cameras were rolling so, you know, I’m hoping that this polo show will give us what we need, what this circuit is really like. Because there’s apparently a pretty healthy Squawk Saddle Club over on our Substack (LOL Rachel, thank you) that confirmed in our thread last Friday that the horse people can indeed be super petty and dramatic and sometimes dirty – and my point is, there is a LOT of gossip in the stables, and we are hoping that Harry will be serving it.


Speaking of gossip, Meghan was hanging out at the polo with Serena Williams. You can see the cameras in the background in a few of these shots so they could have been rolling on these moments of Meghan and Serena doing their Pretty Woman thing on the field and Serena greeting Harry at one point. This, after all, is what the audience will want to see – the main character couple and all their famous friends. And, I suppose, the polo fashion? 

Like I said above, it’s a lot of Talbots. And Meghan’s working in that late here in her off-white dress with the beige pumps – The Ecru Experience, what did I say?! – and now I hope Zendaya makes a polo movie because she and Law Roach could definitely shake up this aesthetic.