Sundays are for Thomas Markle. Every time he wants to put out a press release, and he seems to be favouring UK outlets these days, it’s on Sundays, because if you’re his daughter, the one who married into the royal family, seeing your famewhore dad making headlines again, that’s exactly how you want to end your weekend and start the new week . 

Thomas Markle decided to tell the Mail on Sunday when and how he found out that Royal Meghan is pregnant. Apparently he heard it on the news in his car while waiting to cross the border. In other words, he didn’t hear it directly from her, which is no surprise, since they’re not speaking. And they’re not speaking because he’s always speaking to the British tabloids. He doesn’t seem upset about it, however, and, for a change, did not bitch and moan about it – instead he decided to share with the Mail his memories of when Meghan was born, and photos of when she was baby. Like somehow that’s better. 

Harry and Meghan, meanwhile, spent the weekend in Australia supporting the Invictus Games. It was announced on Saturday that Meghan would be scaling back a little on her schedule to rest, apparently it was Harry’s suggestion. The Sussexes announced exactly a week ago that they were expecting and I expected this at the time: Making the announcement, however, on the first day of the tour could put in place a very understandable revision to the itinerary. 

You kick it all off with great news. As Harry said, he couldn’t think of a better place to share their big announcement than on the tour. Then you spend the next few days dazzling the world, building up the goodwill. It’s accumulation of capital, deposits into the bank – both Harry and Meghan know how to do this well. A well-planned and executed strategy, then, to preserve her energy and ensure that the rest of the trip goes just as smoothly. It IS going smoothly. But how is it going over internally? Coming up in the next post.