Prince Harry always makes headlines. Prince Harry’s headlines get bigger when he’s with dogs and/or babies. Since Prince Harry is expecting his own baby very soon, photos of him hanging out with babies are even more popular than usual. 

Today Harry visited the YMCA in South Ealing to hang out with parents and kids and talk about mental health. And he shared details about it on the fresh new House Sussex Instagram account: 


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During the visit, Harry joined the ballet class and showed off his good balance. 

Then he greeted some kids on the sidelines and had a moment with a three month old baby that is melting the internet:

It melts the internet every time Harry’s good with kids. Like that time with the girl and popcorn.  So if it’s this way with other people’s children, how next level will it be when he’s with his own children? 

But that’s the thing…

Will we even see it? Will we ever see Harry in a situation where he’s making goofy faces at his baby? We’ve seen very little of Harry interacting with Big G and Charlotte (there’s probably a conspiracy theory about this). We have, however, seen him playing with Mia Tindall. How much of that side of Harry will the Sussexes make public with their own baby? If the aggressive belly-cupping is any indication, I’m guessing A LOT.