Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip celebrated their 70th anniversary last night at Windsor Castle. There was a private family dinner. When I have a private family dinner, I wear sweatpants. At THAT private family dinner, you get loaned Her Majesty’s pearl choker. That’s what Princess Kate was seen wearing when she, Prince William, and Prince Harry arrived for the occasion. The Queen also loaned it to Diana from time to time. 

They always say that for the young royals, particularly Will and Harry, “regular experiences” are what they seek most. Because, again, at family gatherings, they get dressed up in tuxedos and jewellery comes out of the vault. Not that I’m sympathising here – oh poor you, you have 18 titles and once in a while you have to wear some diamonds and sip from thousand dollar champagne flutes – but at the same time, I can understand the appeal of a “normal” dinner once in a while. 

So, now that the anniversary is over, we’re officially in the “window”. The “window” is the period of time that royal watchers say Harry could announce his engagement to Meghan Markle. Supposedly they have to do it by the end of this month so as not to interfere with the royal Christmas calendar. Why can’t the royal Christmas calendar include the joyous f-cking news that Prince Harry is getting married!?

Anyway, on that note…

Meghan Markle was seen on Saturday on a flight from Toronto to London. I got a tip about this that day and HELLO! is also reporting the same. Here’s another tip I’ve been getting over the last couple of days – three people have told me independently that moving vans have been seen outside of her Toronto home. She’s wrapped on Suits. She’s not renewing her contract. Moving to London then

Sure. But does that mean an engagement?

As some royal experts have noted, Harry and Meghan could be encouraged to live together for a while before making their situation permanent. Remember, over the course of their relationship, they’ve yet to reside in the same country. She’s yet to step out with him in any formal capacity in England.

Do they go ahead and blow open the engagement some time in the next couple of weeks? (Could a royal engagement pop out of the Advent Calendar for a change instead of a f-cking groper?) Or do they spend the next couple of months hanging out at “home” together…and give us something to look forward to in 2018?