The Royal Baby advantage

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Prince William and Catherine were at The Tusk Conservation Awards last night. Also last night, the Prince Charles 70th birthday documentary on the BBC. With a cameo that everyone’s talking about. But first…let’s recap. 

As we’ve been analysing over the last few weeks, during Prince Charles’s media month, some of these comments made by royal “sources” about Princes William and Harry could be read as royal paternal checks to their egos. Prince William was called “a little grand”, a “micromanaging control freak” who doesn’t like to be overshadowed, and Prince Harry, as discussed in the previous post, is emotional and has his own outbursty moments too, sometimes over tiaras

If there actually is drama here, and if the court of the Prince of Wales is pulling a power play, what can his sons do about it? Well, back to that cameo appearance – here’s a photo that we’ve never seen before that showed up during the broadcast last night: 

That’s Trey, aka Prince Louis, reaching out to his grandfather. Trey looks a LOT like Big G when Big G was that size, non? Trey, like his big brother before him, is officially a chunk! Will and Kate are reportedly, and understandably, very particular about how much and often their children are seen. It was their court that would have had to clear this image. This is a favour for dad. To let the public see what Charles is like with his grandchildren, to go along with all those details we’ve been hearing lately about how much fun it is when he’s playing with them. This is the royal baby advantage. No matter what the gossip, people’s eyeballs always turn into heart emojis when the royal babies come out. 

Another royal baby is on the way, just as the Clarence House and Buckingham Palace courts might be checking William and Harry and their wives, if that is indeed what’s happening, with stories about Sussex tiara tantrums and Cambridge posturing. But can any of that pettiness hold up when the babies are in the room? Babies always get the headlines. Babies and princesses. Charles knows this well. He’s known it since he got married the first time. 

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