Prince William and Princess Kate visited the Jaguar Land Rover manufacturing plant today in Birmingham. At one point they went for a test drive in one of the vehicles, going over some pretty rocky terrain. I mean I’m impressed. That said, I know nothing about what should be impressive in terms of navigating difficult terrain. 

In other royal news, as I reported yesterday, Meghan Markle is now in London and movers were seen outside of her Toronto home over the last couple of days. She’s staying with Harry at Kensington Palace which is also where Will and Kate live – more on this in a minute. Meghan was seen shopping on Tuesday:

She hit up a store that sells beachwear, leading to speculation that she and Harry will be going away soon. That’s not exactly the schedule item that everybody’s waiting to hear about. According to US Weekly though, they’re already engaged, and it’s going to be a summer wedding. Since August, when Harry and Meghan spent time in Africa, there have been “they’re engaged!” exclusives every week. I don’t see how this time is any different, especially since it’s US Weekly and their royal reporting has dried up since AMI took over earlier this year. 

What’s more interesting is how Meghan will be spending her time in London and what it will mean. It’s American Thanksgiving tomorrow. Instead of being in the US, Meghan is now in London as the royal family prepares for royal Christmas. There are all kinds of events scheduled during royal Christmas. Certainly opportunities for official royal engagements and appearances. Can we expect Meghan to formally join Harry at one of these events, representing her first official outing as his partner?