Not sure if you were on Twitter last night but in the UK, there was an online movement to honour the efforts of healthcare workers and the National Health Service during the COVID-19 crisis. Thousands of people cheered from isolation, clapping and banging from inside their homes out the window or on the balcony or from the front door their support for those on the frontlines. 

Here in Canada, this has also been happening in Vancouver. These are the people who are answering the call, some of whom have come out of retirement, or who are pleading to graduate early, to help save lives, provide comfort, do their part to save their communities and preserve families – and who are risking their own wellbeing, sacrificing time with their own families. Many of them cannot get tested themselves. They’re exhausted and scared too. But they show up. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU out there, around the world, hustling your asses off. 

Even the Cambridge kids have joined in:


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Look at Louis (aka Trey)! He’s so big now! This is adorable, they are adorable, and this is terrific use of social media, a solid gesture from Prince William and Catherine, especially after… um…. this didn’t age well.

Timing was in the Cambridges’ favour too, if we’re playing this game. Because around the same time this was happening, PEOPLE broke the news that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had relocated to Los Angeles. So the Sussex headline was about them going Hollywood, and the Cambridge headline was about them recognising healthcare workers. I wonder, if Harry and Meghan could do this all over again, would they have held back on giving PEOPLE the go-ahead to run their exclusive?