Prince William and Catherine hosted their first reception for the UK-Africa Summit at Buckingham Palace last night on behalf of the Queen. Her Majesty’s schedule is typically lighter in January and Prince Charles is preparing for a tour. So she decided that it was time for House Cambridge to give it a go and by all accounts it went well. They were joined by Princess Anne and the Wessexes, Edward and Sophie. They’re the UK media’s new Fab Four now: Will, Edward, Kate, and Sophie. 

That wasn’t always the dream team though. Not too long ago, it was expected that the British royal family would be represented by the four young, glamourous royals, Will, Kate, Harry, and Meghan. If things hadn’t gone south, it would have been House Sussex joining House Cambridge last night. All due respect to Edward and Sophie but let’s not pretend they’re at the same level of international interest. This, however, is a sign of the British royals’ determination to move forward, as they do. We’re past the drama now, is the message. Continuity is our game. We must continue.  

To continue is always the goal, the only goal. Is to be royal. To make sure they exist as royalty. To protect the future of the monarchy. 

It’s funny though because when the news of Sussexit first broke a couple of weeks ago, there was all kinds of handwringing about how Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s audacity threatened the institution, how dare they. Now that it’s all settled, the narrative today is all sunshine on House Cambridge – in their house we trust, and Harry and Meghan’s departure doesn’t mean much as they’re too insignificant to topple the legacy. So are they that powerful or not that powerful?!

The monarchy is fine, for now. The Cambridges will do a good job. They got this. At this point, they’re going to be provide the stability, which is exactly what the palace wants. Stability and sameness. And it all certainly looked the same last night. Same as it always has – and that’s maybe the thing they should be thinking about going forward. 

How do you change if you’re the same? And how do you progress if it’s always the same? Progress is the key to continuity, non? For a few years there, the royal family’s public face was ever so slightly more diverse, like, um, a week ago.