The final stop on Prince William and Kate’s royal train mini tour yesterday was Windsor Castle. All week we’ve seen them travelling around the UK to thank people for their service during the pandemic – and, also, to generate some good headlines about the family after almost a month of The Crown…although that may not have gone exactly to plan, considering that the pandemic is still not over, most people can’t travel, and here are the Cambridges after riding around meeting I dunno how many citizens for the last three days showing up on the 90+ year old Queen’s doorstep without masks. 


OK but they’re physically distanced. And, naturally, the Money Shot was the point here. 

Because joining the Queen and the Cambridges were Prince Charles, Camilla, Princess Anne, and Edward and Sophie, the Earl and Countess of Wessex so that they could all express their gratitude to volunteers and staff. And …also… the Money Shot. I mean OF COURSE the whole tour wasn’t planned around getting Will and Kate to this particular destination to take this particular photo, don’t be ridiculous. But it’s also the holiday season. And there will be no royal Christmas traditions this year because of the pandemic. And the monarchy must maintain – continuity, stability, succession. It’s all here in this picture, the British senior royals all represented. The Queen, her heir, and his heir in a photo at the castle to assure Britain that no matter what, royals are gonna royal.

And the purpose of this royal move is to show the world the starting lineup for the Windsors going forward after a year that started with the exit of two of their MVPs. This is Charles’s new slimmed down monarchy:  the Queen, Wales, Cambridge, Anne, and Wessex.